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uploaderby nuko megami
duration3 Minutes 17 Seconds
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It speaks to a craft of music and it is entitled with 【手描きルパン】石川五右衛門で1925. Everybody is dependent on music of their classes. I Trust it will make you can rest easy, in light of the fact that music make us can rest easy what`s more, have some barely ease. what i like is the manner by which the cadence, beat, vocals and verses crash to incite this rhyme. what an excelent music, yet in the event that it was wretched for you i guess it was some way or another out of your class XD! or, then again just essentially minimal sort of despicable LOL hehehhe XD! Music is one of the sweetest blessing we got so let`s attempt to relish this 3 Minutes 17 Seconds of a workmanship transferred by nuko megami. Enjoy Free Download 【手描きルパン】石川五右衛門で1925 mp4 mp3. This is such an awesome video! 【手描きルパン】石川五右衛門で1925 video is transferred to speak to Music purposes. It is a video caused by the uploader with such an awesome exertion and have the craving and commitment to benefit you or inform you about this. Moreover would like to add to your enthusiasm under Enlightenment and I trust the two of us delighted you. There are 5,737 and 4 (Four) watchers who left their remarks so i guess it was such an interesting video.

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nuko megami

Published 30 June 2012| Subscribed 32| Videos 22

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The complete studio version of "Duty Friend" by NIKIIE, which is the ending theme from the anime "The Woman Called Fujiko Mine". Check out this cover by mn7sus4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIGJVXlWvOA Lyrics: 誰だって怖くない 一人じゃちょっと心細いし Dare datte kowaku nai Hitori ja chotto kokoro bosoi shi Everybody gets frightened Being alone is a little dismaying 仲良く成りたい  Nakayoku naritai I want to get along 自然と抱く普通のこと Shizen to daku futsu no koto Naturally, embracing ordinary things アタシが誰と どこで何をしてたかなんて Atashi ga dare to Doko de nani o shite taka nante What did I do and with who? 知らせた所で   Shiraseta tokoro de Let me know where 君の気持ち 救えないでしょう Kimi no kimochi sukuenai deshou Your feelings can’t save me もっと自由になるはずだった 君が Motto jiyuu ni naru hazu datta Kimi ga Should have been more independent, you アタシなしじゃ 身動き取れないなら Atashi nashi ja Miugoki torenai nara Without me, you can’t make a move 優しくしてくれる度 アタシは辛い Yasashikushite kureru tabi Atashi wa tsurai The kindness with which I was treated It’s hard on me 打ち明けてしまえるほど 嫌いでもない Uchiakete shimaeru hodo Kirai demo nai But speaking honestly, I don’t actually hate it enough to let it go 綺麗なこと以外 学校じゃ教えてくれない  Kirei na koto igai Gakkou ja oshiete kurenai They won’t tell you about anything but beautiful things in school アタシの存在  Atashi no sonzai My existence 悲しいくらい 汚く思えた Kanashii kurai kitanaku omoeta I think, is sad enough and undoubtedly filthy もっと笑顔になるはずだった 君を Motto egao ni naru hazu datta Kimi wo Should have had more smiles, you アタシがそれとなく傷付けたなら Atashi ga sore to naku kizutsuketa nara I’d inadvertently slip away if I get hurt 「すきだよ」と言われるほど 突き放したい  “Suki da yo” to iwareru hodo Tsukihanashitai Even if I made you say “I love you”  I wouldn’t want to accept it 突き放せてしまえるほど 綺麗でもない Tsukihanasete shimaeru hodo Kirei demo nai Rejecting; to go to the extent of letting that go is beautiful, yet not   もっと自由になるはずだった 君と Motto jiyuu ni naru hazu data Kimi to Should have been more independent, you もっと笑顔になるはずだった 君が Motto egao ni naru hazu datta Kimi ga And should have smiled more, you アタシなしじゃ 身動き取れないなら Atashi nashi ja Miugoki torenai nara Without me, you can’t make a move 何だか悲しい Nandaka kanashii Somehow it’s sad   優しくしてくれる度 アタシは辛い Yasashikushite kureru tabi Atashi wa tsurai The kindness with which I was treated It’s hard on me 嫌われる勇気のない アタシが嫌い Kirawareru yuuki no nai Atashi ga kirai I had hated spinelessness I hate it 「すきだよ」と言われるほど突き放したい  “Suki da yo” to iwareru hodo Tsukihanashitai Even if I made you say “I love you”  I wouldn’t want to accept it 突き放せてしまえるほど アタシ綺麗じゃない Tsukihanasete shimaeru hodo Atashi kirei ja nai Rejection, to do to the extent of letting it go I’m not [that] pure (translated by Jo, poster at the Lupin Encyclopedia forums and host of lupinthemanga.tumblr.com)

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Oooh, really nice Miku song =D Love the beat ^^ http://syokorapocket.blog53.fc2.com/ Mp3: http://www.mediafire.com/?tzdneedmmwo From NicoNicoDouga: 【初音ミク】1925【オリジナル曲】 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8430328

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石川五ェ門が主人公!劇場版アニメ「LUPIN THE THIRD 血煙の石川五ェ門」特報公開 #LUPIN THE THIRD #Japanese Anime

★高画質★エンタメニュースを毎日掲載!「MAiDiGiTV」登録はこちら↓ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=maidigitv  人気アニメ「ルパン三世」の劇場版アニメ「LUPIN THE THIRD」の新作が製作されることが9月9日、明らかになった。タイトルは「血煙の石川五ェ門」で、若き五ェ門が最強を目指すきっかけと成長が描かれる。また「血煙の石川五ェ門」の特報映像も公開された。2017年2月4日から新宿バルト9などで公開される。  「LUPIN THE THIRD」シリーズは、2012年に放送されたテレビシリーズ「LUPIN the Third ~峰不二子という女~」、劇場版アニメ「LUPIN THE THIRD 次元大介の墓標」があり、新作は第3弾となる。「次元大介の墓標」は、ルパンと次元がどのような経緯で相棒になったかが描かれている。 #### Ishikawa Goemon as leading role! Release of newsflash on Animation film "LUPIN THE THIRD Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon" It was announced on September 9th that new animation movie version of the popular animation "LUPIN THE THIRD" will be produced. With the title "Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon", the animation movie is about the occasion that makes young Goemon aim for the strongest and his growth.

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愛と誠 ALI PROJECT 歌詞付き

愛と誠ALI PROJECTの曲です。 誤字脱字あったら、教えてください! あと、「大和男子なら」の「なら」はわざと、抜けるようにしました。 チャンネル登録よろしくお願いします!

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ルパン三世もウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚)(高画質版) Lupin caramelldansen

↓ニコニコURL。ニコの方が綺麗なので アカウントのある方はこちらをご覧下さい。 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm3033029

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