[Magical Boy] Tenkū Senki Shurato - 02: Soma Attacks

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TVA 天空戦記シュラト (1989) & OVA ~創世への暗闘 (1991) *Note: Soma(Sōma)/光流(ソーマ) is the power source; In Hinduism, soma is a drink of the gods. Individual Attacks 個人技 -Shuraō Shurato 修羅王シュラト --Shura Mahaken 修羅魔破拳 --Shura Kōhaken 修羅光破拳 -Tenō Hyūga 天王ヒュウガ --Tenō Gōmakō 天王降魔鋼 --Tenō Suishōketsu 天王水晶結 --Tenō Metsumakō 天王滅魔鋼 -Ryūō Ryōma 龍王リョウマ --Ryūō Kaengeki 龍王火炎戟 --Ryūō Bakuengeki 龍王爆炎戟 -Karuraō Reiga 迦楼羅王レイガ --Karura Hanefubuki 迦楼羅翼吹雪 --Karura Reishiu 迦楼羅霊視羽 --Karura Yokushiran 迦楼羅翼紫嵐 --Karura Kayokujin 迦楼羅火翼陣 -Nāraō Renge 那羅王レンゲ --Nāra Musōka 那羅無双華 --Nāra Shureika 那羅朱霊華 -Dappaō Kūya 闥婆王クウヤ --Dappa Suikōrin 闥婆水滸輪 --Dappa Suiraisen 闥婆水雷染 -Hibaō Dan 比婆王ダン --Hiba Ryūsakō 比婆流砂洸 --Hiba Gekishinha 比婆激震破 -Yashaō Gai 夜叉王ガイ --Shippu Marōken 疾風魔狼剣 --Yasha Kingōshō 夜叉金剛障 (unspoken) Brahma Shakti Attacks ブラフマー神甲冑攻撃 -夜叉王&修羅王 Yashaō & Shuraō (unnamed) Group Attacks 合体技 -Jūō Mandarajin 獣王曼陀羅陣 --Mōkin no Men 猛禽の面 --Ryū no Men 龍の面 --Mōko no Men 猛虎の面 --Shishi no Men 獅子の面 --Shura Kongō Mahaken 修羅金剛魔破拳 -Hachibushū Sanrenkō 八部衆三連晃 Audio: Jap | Subtitle: Chi (some improper translations) Declaration: This video is uploaded for recommendation and entertainment purposes only. No commercial gain and copyrights infringement intended.

Video Courtesy to NineOneEight

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Published 23 August 2006| Subscribed 894| Videos 18

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