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Enjoy Free Download LAB RULES - Dua Lipa "New Rules" Parody mp4 mp3. This is such an awesome video! LAB RULES - Dua Lipa "New Rules" Parody video is transferred to speak to Science & Technology purposes. It is a video caused by the uploader with such an awesome exertion and have the craving and commitment to benefit you or inform you about this. Moreover would like to add to your enthusiasm under Enlightenment and I trust the two of us delighted you. There are 4,879,993 and 7,942 (Seven Thousand, Nine Hundred And Forty-two) watchers who left their remarks so i guess it was such an interesting video.
Our low cost science parody of Dua Lipa's official music video New Rules! Get the song: "Breathin" Ariana Grande Parody: Subscribe for more: Watch the original Dua Lipa New Rules video: Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown Written by: Mitchell Moffit, Gregory Brown, Rachel Salt Filmed by: Sel Grebrehiwot Music and Editing: Mitchell Moffit Production: Chelsea Scherer and Max Simmons Dancers: Kalie Woodcock, Kim Moffit, Eric DaCosta, Gill Lomax FOLLOW US! Instagram and Twitter: @whalewatchmeplz and @mitchellmoffit Clickable: and AsapINSTAGRAM: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: SNAPCHAT US 'whalewatchmeplz' and 'pixelmitch' Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). Send us stuff! ASAPSCIENCE INC. P.O. Box 93, Toronto P Toronto, ON, M5S2S6 LYRICS: Working into the lab and I’m Thinking about safety (Got goggles drawn, and labcoats on) Open-toe shoes outta here Are you going crazy? (Things could go wrong, things could go wrong) My gloves They make me safe around chemicals, my chemicals My love Tie back your hair and prep materials, the materials One; don’t you taste or sniff You know you should be wafting if you’re taking a whiff Two; don’t mix it in Until the label’s checked again Three; no food or drink Unless you wanna have us find you dead in the morning And if you follow this, you will mitigate the risk

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Published 28 May 2012| Subscribed 9,090,000| Videos 332

Making science make sense. Created by: Mitchell Moffit (@mitchellmoffit) Gregory Brown (@whalewatchmeplz) CONTACT asapscience[at]gmail[dot]com Send us stuff! ASAPSCIENCE INC. P.O. Box 93, Toronto P Toronto, ON, M5S2S6

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SCIENCE WARS - Acapella Parody

iTunes: Bandcamp: "Breathin" Ariana Grande Parody: The Pi Song: SUBSCRIBE: Follow us: @WhaleWatchMePlz and @MitchellMoffit Inspired by the amazing Jon Cozart and his fantastic Disney parodies: Lyrics by Mitchell Moffit, Greg Brown, Rachel Salt, Jessica Carroll and Rosie Currie. Get the AsapSCIENCE BOOK: LINKS TO FOLLOW US Instagram - Greg ( Mitch ( Twitter - Greg ( Mitch ( Snapchat - Greg (whalewatchmeplz) Mitch (pixelmitch) FOLLOW ASAPSCIENCE Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Vine: Search "AsapSCIENCE" on vine! Send us stuff! ASAPSCIENCE INC. P.O. Box 93 Toronto P, Toronto, ON, M5S2S6 Created by Mitchell Moffit (@mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (@whalewatchmeplz). Welcome to Science WARS! Chemistry-Bio-Physics-Mathematical But which field is best? PHYSICS: I understand the force and energy Quantum mechanics and relativity My field is pure and they rely on me I see the universe like nobody You may have made fun of me in high school For being awkward and following the rules Now I’ve got laser (WOW, That’s really cool) May the mass times acceleration be you Atoms-Entropy-Dark Matter-String Theory CHEMISTRY: If you want to feel a bond Then I can give you a good reaction The elements that make up life Are my essence, are my satisfaction All the other fields out there are so basic Yeah, I’m the central science Keep your eye on me I’ll get you charged If you need me, call me up on Avogadro's Number If you leave me, take a titrant Shove it up your acid buffer Dopamine and serotonin Will keep you good and happy So get your flask and your glass all set up And begin to understand the world! BIO: Within me you’ll find life’s beauty In genetics and ecology Symbiosis and not division Unless it’s mitosis or the study of fission Even if you don’t pass, at least you’ll enjoy my class! Evolution, has brung us along All species singing one song MATH: If you want to learn about the world I must say I am the purest field of study you can take Immune to misinterpretation The blueprint of creation The backbone of all things science No bias, just constant augmentation In your mind, and observation No gadgets, just your logic and your time And PIE ENDING: Together we will find the answers to life! With physics-bio-chemistry-and math We can...SCIENCE!

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Dua Lipa "New Rules" | BOY VERSION with Jake Wilson

Jake Wilson and his boys recreate DUA LIPA's iconic "New Rules" music video in Los Angeles. starring JAKE WILSON (@jakewil) with BRUNO CARVAHLO, COLE DOMAN, ZACH GRAVES, MARK KANEMURA, CONSTANTINE ROUSOULI and HARPER WATTERS cinematography by TED STEVENSON and CASEY HANLEY original video directed by HENRY SCHOLFIELD original video choreographed by TERESA 'TOOGIE' BARCELO special thanks DAVE GIGLIO, ZACH GRAVES, MIGUEL PINZON, ALEX RHODES, PAUL ROEDER #duasnewrules

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I Don't Know - Med School Parody of "Let It Go" from Frozen (University of Chicago Pritzker SOM)

Parody of "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen by the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine Class of 2016. Don't forget to set to 1080p! Lyrics and Vocals: Beanie Meadow Editing: Omar Malas Filming: Sammita Satyanarayan and Maryam Mohammed Choreography: Julie Mhlaba Special thanks to Oliver Hulland for his amazing camera, to Dr. Bill Meadow for his starring role, and a HUGE thank you to Dr. Jeanne Farnan for her help throughout the creative process. Check out other Pritzker Parodies! The Book of Netter's: Step 1 Makes a Boss Out of You: Gunner Style: The Revisit Disney Medley: Coat and Scope (2017): Rude (2018):

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Dua Lipa - New Rules (Official Music Video)

The Complete Edition is here!! Follow me online: Lyrics: One, one, one, one, one... Talkin' in my sleep at night, makin' myself crazy (Out of my mind, out of my mind) Wrote it down and read it out, hopin' it would save me (Too many times, too many times) My love, he makes me feel like nobody else, nobody else But my love, he doesn't love me, so I tell myself, I tell myself One: Don't pick up the phone You know he's only callin' 'cause he's drunk and alone Two: Don't let him in You'll have to kick him out again Three: Don't be his friend You know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning And if you're under him, you ain't gettin' over him I got new rules, I count 'em I got new rules, I count 'em I gotta tell them to myself I got new rules, I count 'em I gotta tell them to myself I keep pushin' forwards, but he keeps pullin' me backwards (Nowhere to turn, no way) (Nowhere to turn, no) Now I'm standin' back from it, I finally see the pattern (I never learn, I never learn) But my love, he doesn't love me, so I tell myself, I tell myself I do, I do, I do One: Don't pick up the phone You know he's only callin' 'cause he's drunk and alone Two: Don't let him in You'll have to kick him out again Three: Don't be his friend You know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning And if you're under him, you ain't gettin' over him I got new rules, I count 'em I got new rules, I count 'em I gotta tell them to myself I got new rules, I count 'em I gotta tell them to myself Practice makes perfect I'm still tryna learn it by heart (I got new rules, I count 'em) Eat, sleep, and breathe it Rehearse and repeat it, 'cause I... (I got new...) One: Don't pick up the phone (yeah) You know he's only callin' 'cause he's drunk and alone (alone) Two: Don't let him in (uh-ooh) You'll have to kick him out again (again) Three: Don't be his friend You know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning And if you're under him, you ain't gettin' over him I got new rules, I count 'em I got new rules, I count 'em (Whoa-ooh, whoa-ooh, whoa) I gotta tell them to myself I got new rules, I count 'em (Baby, you know I count 'em) I gotta tell them to myself Don't let him in, don't let him in Don't, don't, don't, don't... Don't be his friend, don't be his friend Don't, don't, don't, don't... Don't let him in, don't let him in Don't, don't, don't, don't... Don't be his friend, don't be his friend Don't, don't, don't, don't... You're gettin' over him

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Look What You Made Me Do (Lab Safety Song) - Science Rap Academy

Need to review lab safety rules? Let the 8th graders graders from The Nueva School "Science Rap Academy" refresh you in this parody of "Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift. ↓ More info and resources below ↓ Crash Course Lab Safety Review: 8 grams of Potassium in Water: Safety Shower for Lab Workers Video: Interested in starting a "Science Rap Academy" in your school? Contact Science With Tom here: The social mediums: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

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Tokyo Bon 東京盆踊り2020 (MakuDonarudo) Namewee 黃明志 ft.Cool Japan TV @亞洲通吃2018專輯 All Eat Asia

New Music: Namewee ft.DJ KOO @TRF【Boy Meets Girl 2020 Remix】八零後哈日電音神曲改編 Cool Japan TV Website: Business Inquiries : [email protected] Cool Japan TV Facebook Page : Cool Japan TV YouTube Channel: Cool Japan TV Instagram : Namewee 黃明志 Official Facebook Fan Page: YouTube Channel Link: “Tokyo Bon 2020” is a co-production with the largest influencer marketing company in Japan - Cool Japan TV. The Bon Odori dance is choreographed by the award winner Japanese traditional dancer - Ukon Takafuji. The song combines Japan traditional music elements with Asia pop, giving the song dynamic energy that has never been heard before. The song also potrayes the unique and cute sound of Japanglish, the friendship beyond the border, and the love for Japanese cultures. Bon Odori is a traditional Japanese dance that performed all over Japan with people holding hands together and dancing in a circle. The song contains a wish for world peace where people from different backgrounds hold hands together, and an invitation to the largest festival of peace - “Tokyo Olympics 2020”. ※ Any collaborations, event, business inquiries with Tokyo Bon, please contact [email protected] ----------------- 「東京盆踊り2020」是一支與日本最大網紅媒體公司 - Cool Japan TV 共同製作的作品。盆舞舞蹈由國際知名的日本傳統舞踊家 - 孝藤右近編排。 此作品融合亞洲各國及日本的音樂元素,歌曲混沌的能量形成了充滿魅力的流行音樂,並巧妙地描繪了外國人對日式英文獨特及可愛的發音的感覺,跨國友誼及互相理解,以及對日本文化的愛。 盆舞,是多人手牽手,圍圓圈一起跳的日本傳統祭典文化。此曲的理念為,希望全世界的人們一同手牽手祈福和平,一同前往和平的祭典「東京奧運會2020」。 ※ 任何作品,活動,商務合作,請聯繫 [email protected] ----------------- 「Tokyo Bon 2020」は、Nameweeと日本最大級のインフルエンサーマーケティング企業「Cool Japan TV」の共同プロデュース作品です。盆踊りの振り付けは、世界的に活躍する創作日本舞踊家の孝藤右近が手掛けています。 本作は、アジアと日本の音楽性が融合した、混沌としたエネルギーが魅力のポップスとなっており、外国人が感じるジャパングリッシュのユニークでカワイイ響き、国境を越えた友情と相互理解、日本文化への愛着が表現されています。 盆踊りは、多人数が手をつなぎ、輪になって楽しく踊る、日本の伝統文化です。本作には世界中の人々と国境を超えて手をつなぐという平和への祈り、世界が一同に集う平和の祭典「東京オリンピック2020」へ夢が込められています。 ※ Tokyo Bonとのコラボレーション、日本に関するイベント開催、日本に関するビジネス相談などについてのお問い合わせは、[email protected] までお問い合わせください。 ===================================================== KKBOX: ► Spotify:► iTunes:► Apple Music:► MyMusic:► friDay音樂:► MOOV:► Amazon: ► Deezer: ► Tidal: ► 网易云音乐:► 虾米音乐:► QQ音乐:► 酷狗音乐:► 酷我音乐:► 喜马拉雅FM:► 听伴FM:► 荔枝FM:► sing:► ===================================================== #namewee #黃明志 #tokyobon

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IT'S NOT A ZEBRA! ft. Harvard Medical School & HSDM ("CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!" Parody)

How many zebras can YOU spot? Let us know in the comments section! A parody of “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!” by Justin Timberlake produced and performed by the Harvard Medical School & Harvard School of Dental Medicine Class of 2020. PRODUCTION TEAM Abra Shen, Director Jeffrey Herrala, Film Director David Clossey, Music Director Nathan Varady, Acting Director Amy Yu, Choreography Director Ahmed Elnaiem, Film Director Emily Gutowski, Assistant Director Carlos Torres, Logistics Director Isaac Alty, Music Producer with audio mixing by Ugly Duck Studios Choreography by Amy Yu, Eshani Patel, Johnathan Sataloff, and Nora Torres CAST Patient: Parisa Fallah Students: David Clossey and Pamela Chen Professor: James Agolia Also featuring: Isabelle Wijangco (Dermatology), George Bugarinovic (Orthopaedic Surgery), Shyam Akula (Psychiatry), Fejiro Okifo (Gastroenterology 1), Jeffrey Q. Taylor II (Radiology), Emily Gutowski (Gastroenterology 2), Abra Shen (Cardiology), and Mugdha Joshi (Primary Care) Ensemble (Students): Uday Agrawal, Troy Ameen, Sepideh Ashrafzadeh, Yefri Baez, Ameen Barghi, Nicole Beck, Sarah Berman, Jonathan Boiarsky, Tram Bui, Elizabeth Byrne, Camilo Campo, Bliss Chang, Tyler Chavez, Jie Jane Chen, Lucy Chen, Michelle Chen, Juli Coraor, Pedro Cortes, David Danesh, Chris Dee, Michael Dinh, Brian Do, Hilary Dolstad, Jacob Emge, Bryn Falahee, Carew Giberson-Chen, Swati Goel, Lisa Guo, Jennifer Halford, Ryoko Hamaguchi, Sam Harris, Jeffrey Herrala, Kate Higgins, Andrea Hinton, Ellen Hoang, Grace Hsu, Muhammad Sarib Hussain, Julia Hyman, Emily Ji, Tushar Kamath, Yun Jee Kang, Kevin Kiang, Inkyu Kim, Jesi Kim, Jon Kusner, Cara Lachtrupp, Carl Lawrence, Grace Lee, Donna Leet, Michael Lindeborg, Ryan Lisann, Maltish Lorenzo, Yifan Lu, Kolina Mah-Ginn, Jennie Marinucci, Daniel Mason, Eduardo Maury, Kelly McFarlane, Kara McLaughlin, Devon McMahon, Tim Mcginnis, Allison Merz, Chelsea Messinger, Blanca Morales, Hemen Muleta, Will Murphy, Andrew Nguyen, Penny Ni, Anahita Nourmahnad, Michael O'Donnell, Alexander Ordoobadi, Julia Page, Vartan Pahalyants, Eshani Patel, Erin Plews-Ogan, Katie Redfield, Asmaa Rimawi, Stacey Rogers, Eve Roth, Laurie Rumker, Johnathan Sataloff, Neha Shafique, Shraya Sharma, Talia Shoshany, Kevin Sikah, Daniel Sikavi, Layla Siraj, Lizzy Steuber, Lucy Suarez, Kelly Suralik, Kristin Sweeney, Michael Tom, Carlos Torres, Nora Torres, Matthew Tsai, Rebecca Tsai, Nathan Varady, Edward Wang, Chen Wei, Amanda West, Luke Wittman, Constance Wu, Linda Xu, Jason Young, Amy Yu, Zizi Yu, Mark Zaki, Anna Zhao, Xixi Zhou, and Nancy Zhu Ensemble (Faculty & Staff): Dr. Bernard Chang, Dr. David Cohen, Dr. Cindy Cooper, Patricia Cunningham, Dr. John Dalrymple, Dr. Sara Fazio, Dr. John Flanagan, Dr. Lauren Gilstrap, Dr. Scott Harris, Dr. Melanie Hoenig, Anne Hudson, Dr. Edward Hundert, Dr. David Jones, Dr. Daniel Kamin, Dr. Jeffrey Katz, Dr. Stewart Lecker, Dr. Richard Mitchell, Dr. Mary Mullen, Dr. Emily Oken, Elisabeth Peet, Dr. Jennifer Potter, Dr. Alvin Poussaint, Dr. Fidencio Saldana, Dr. Richard Schwartzstein, Dr. Helen Shields, Dr. Dana Stearns, Dr. Katharine Treadway, Dr. Anand Vaidya, Dr. Jeff William, and Dr. Beverly Woo Lyrics written by: Pamela Chen, David Clossey, Emily Gutowski, Jeffrey Herrala, Katie Redfield, Abra Shen, and Nathan Varady Special thanks to Dr. John Flanagan, Dr. Richard Schwartzstein, Dr. Scott Harris, Dr. Lauren Gilstrap, Will Murphy, The Arts and Humanities Initiative at Harvard Medical School, and FABRIC 2017 We do not claim ownership of or copyright to the material used in this presentation. It is made for educational and entertainment purposes, for personal use only, and for no commercial use and for no profit.

Student_Council | 25 April 2017 | Science & Technology

Dua Lipa - NEW RULES (Lyrics)

Hey ! Guys. So, this video is about lyrics (Official Lyric Video) for a beautiful song called " NEW RULES " by Dua Lipa. --- I do not own anything. All credits go to the right owners. No copyright intended. --- For © Copyright issues contact me via: [email protected] --- If you like it, don't forget to subscribe to see more like this. Hope you enjoyed 🎶 ❤❤❤❤ ♡ SUBSCRIBE ♡ ▶ ⇨ ♡ My New Instagram Acount ▶ ♡ MY PLAYLIST ▶ ♡ DUA LIPA'S PLAYLIST ▶ ♡ MY VEVO PLAYLIST ▶ ♡ DUA LIPA'S OFFICIAL CHANNEL ▶ ♡ DUA LIPA'S DEBUT ALBUM #DL1 IS OUT NOW!!! 🚀💖 --- © Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Leader Of Lyrics | 15 August 2017 | Science & Technology