Firepower - Destroyer (Part 2/3)

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The destroyer has long been the workhorse of modern navies. Come aboard its latest incarnation, the US Navy's DDG-51 Arleigh Burke. Wearing many hats in the naval theater of operations, from fleet air defense to anti-submarine warfare, its deadly combination of missiles and electronic sensors make it as formidable ship as ever before.

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Firepower - Destroyer (Part 3/3)

The destroyer has long been the workhorse of modern navies. Come aboard its latest incarnation, the US Navy's DDG-51 Arleigh Burke. Wearing many hats in the naval theater of operations, from fleet air defense to anti-submarine warfare, its deadly combination of missiles and electronic sensors make it as formidable ship as ever before.

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A Brief Tour of USS Donald Cook Guided-Missile Destroyer - Ballistic Missile Defense

This piece includes footage from on board the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook that on the 11th of February 2014, has arrived at its new station in Rota, Spain. The stationing of four Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer at Rota represents a national contribution by the US and Spain to NATO missile defense, enhancing the security of the European region, the Mediterranean Basin and the Atlantic Ocean. Courtesy Video | Natochannel -- AiirSource - A video and news hub for aviation/military enthusiasts. Favorite this video and subscribe to AiirSource for future updates. Subscribe to AiirSource: Add AiirSource to your circles on Google+: Join the conversation on Facebook: Follow AiirSource on Twitter: Check out our photostream on Flickr: Find us on the web:

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The Nimitz Encounters

Tic Tac UFO (Note: Updated film with newest info here it's the same film with one section at 22:00 changed/revised) November 2004, 90 miles off the coast of Mexico near San Diego, California, the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group was conducting routine training and aerial defense exercises when unexplained events occurred. No one could have predicted what would soon confront the world's most advanced naval war ships and fighter jets. Aerial craft would appear that forever changed all those that encountered them. The answers to the question of “what are they?” remains unanswered by the sailors and the US Gov. After years of cloaked secrecy the true story can finally be told. With multiple witnesses from the ships, their first hand testimony is impossible to deny. Our film features CGI re-creations as told by the sailors and naval aviators that witnessed them. Aside from the historical fictionalized dialog (no one recorded the radio conversations), the story itself is based on the facts of the case, including official US government docs, witness statements, news reports and official timelines. See for links to the official documents. Please contact us if you have witnessed these or other unknown encounters on military ships or planes. You can remain anonymous. [email protected] Some military personnel have requested their names be removed or remain anonymous, out of respect for their privacy we have changed names and details to protect their identity. All similarities to persons living or dead is unintentional. The producers have made every attempt to verify details and deny any liability for errors or omissions.

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