How To Cook With Cast Iron

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This guide will make cooking with cast iron a breeze! Check us out on Facebook! - MUSIC Promenade En Provence Licensed via Audio Network Made by BFMP

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Food that'll make you close your eyes, lean back, and whisper "yessss." Snack-sized videos and recipes you'll want to try.

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How To Cook A Cheap Steak Vs. An Expensive Steak

Here is what you'll need! PAN-SEARED FLAP STEAK Servings: 2-4 INGREDIENTS 1 pound flap meat ½ cup low-sodium soy sauce 2 tablespoons ground black pepper 4 large cloves garlic 3 tablespoons vegetable oil Gallon-sized plastic zipper bag Cast-iron skillet PREPARATION 1. Place flap meat, soy sauce, and pepper in the gallon-sized plastic bag. 2. Place garlic cloves on a flat surface and crush with hand using palm. Just enough to crack the clove open a bit. 3. Add garlic to bag and seal, making sure to remove as much air from the bag as possible. 4. Massage the contents of the bag to ensure the soy sauce mixture is completely coating the meat. 5. Leave bag in the refrigerator to marinate for 1-12 hours. 6. Place cast-iron skillet in cool oven and preheat to 475°F/240°C. 7. Remove steak from marinade and thoroughly pat dry. 8. Once oven is preheated, transfer skillet to stovetop and place on place on high heat. 9. Add oil to skillet. 10. Once oil starts to shimmer, but before it starts to smoke, carefully place steak in pan. 11. Flip steak every 30 seconds to a minute, moving the steak to the hottest parts of the pan each time. 12. Once internal temperature reaches a few degrees below 135°F/57°C remove steak from pan and place on a cutting board to rest. 13. Let rest for 8-10 minutes. 14. Slice steak against the grain and serve! REVERSE-SEARED RIB EYE Servings: 2-4 INGREDIENTS 1 1.5- to 2-inch-thick rib eye steak Salt 3 tablespoons vegetable oil Optional: Pepper PREPARATION 1. Liberally season steak on all sides with salt and (optional) pepper. Place steak in fridge for 1 to 24 hours. If leaving for more than an hour, cover with plastic wrap. 2. Preheat oven to 275°F/140°C. 3. Transfer steak to a wire rack on top of a baking sheet. 4. Bake for about 20-30 minutes, until the internal temperature reaches about 95°F for medium-rare. 5. Preheat cast-iron skillet on high heat for 10-15 minutes. 6. Add oil to skillet. 7. Once oil starts to shimmer but before it starts to smoke, carefully place steak in pan. 8. Cook for about 1-2 minutes per side, or until the internal temperature is a few degrees below 135°F/57°C and a dark crust has formed. 9. Rest the steak on a cutting board or wire rack for about couple minutes. 10. Slice steak and serve! Check us out on Facebook! - MUSIC Lazy Breeze_Full Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Zoomania_fullmix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Baden Mcm_Main Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Created by

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How to Cook an Egg in a New Cast Iron Skillet Without It Sticking

You might not need to go to a lot of effort to season a new Lodge cast iron skillet to make it non-stick. I tested two new Loge skillets to see how non-stick the seasoning from the factory is. The result might surprise you. Eggs are notorious for sticking to cast iron pans but in this video I use one of the new pans to show that you can cook an egg on a brand new Lodge skillet without the egg sticking to the pan. With the second pan I show you how to season a new cast iron skillet prior to cooking anything in it. Then I compare the results. In both tests I made sure to cook the eggs on Medium-low heat. One common cause for eggs sticking to a new pan is cooking them on to high of a heat.

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GENIALNE SPOSOBY NA SPRZĄTANIE Masz plany na weekend? Może zamierzasz iść na zakupy lub przeczytać nowy bestseller? Sprzątanie nie powinno zrujnować twojego weekendu. Nie marnuj czasu na sprzątanie. Nasze pomysły pomogą ci spędzić weekend tak jak lubisz. Powinieneś się zrelaksować i cieszyć tymi dniami. Przejrzyj nasze najlepsze sposoby na czyszczenie, które na pewno ułatwią ci życie! - Brudna patelnia? Użyj pasty do zębów! Ale do czego? Ten tani produkt z łatwością poradzi sobie z tłuszczem! - Pokochasz nasz pomysł na naturalny środek dezynfekujący: wystarczy zmieszać wodę, ocet i tymianek. - Potrzebujesz taniego i skutecznego środka do czyszczenia dywanów? Zmieszaj skrobie kukurydzianą, sodę oczyszczoną, goździki, liście laurowe i boraks. - Ponacinaj gąbkę do naczyń i wyczyść nią kratkę grilla. - Przetnij kuchenną gąbkę na pół i włóż do niej magnesy. Możesz teraz skutecznie wyczyścić butelki bez specjalnych przyborów. - Stwórz własny zmywacz do paznokci: potnij kuchenne gąbki i włóż do słoika. Zalej zmywaczem i po kolei wkładaj palce do pojemnika. - Jeśli twoja głowica prysznicowa nie działa najlepiej, wlej octu do plastikowej torebki i umieść w niej głowicę. Zabezpiecz torebkę, owijając ją wokół baterii gumką recepturką i zostaw tak na 30 minut. - Dodaj sody oczyszczonej do garnka z gotującą się wodą i umieść w nim filtry z okapu. - Pozbądź się brzydkiego zapachu kurzu z dywanu przy pomocy odkurzacza i cynamonu. Sprawdź nasz tutorial! - Owiń rurę odkurzacza rajstopami, by zebrać małe przedmioty. - Sprawdź jak wyczyścić blender w 30 sekund: wlej ciepłą wodę do blendera (mniej więcej do połowy) i dodaj płyn do naczyń. A teraz uruchom blender na kilka sekund. Gotowe! TIMESTAMPS: 00:09 Magia pasty do zębów 01:49 Naturalny odświeżacz powietrza 02:35 Jak wyczyścić dywan 04:34 Wyczyść blender w 30 sekund. 05:22 Tłusty filtr od okapu? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Genialne projekty DIY, rękodzieło, poczuj radość robiąc coś samej! OFICJALNY KANAŁ

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10 Tasty Recipes For The Perfect Movie Night Bookmark Article: Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for a first-hand look at all our best recipes and cooking hacks! You can find these recipes and the full instructions on our website or below ↓↓. ****************************************************** Fall is finally here, which means it's time to invite some friends over and spend the evening curled up on the couch as you binge watch your favorite movies and TV shows. And because no movie marathon is complete without snacks, the best thing you can do is have a few treats, or even a full-on feast, handy. These 10 action-packed recipes will keep your guests on the edge of their seats all evening, and even better, they'll make you the star of every movie night from here on out! 1. Cheeseburger Ring: 2. Bread Pot Fondue with Hot Dogs: 3: Stuffed Pizza Cubes: 4. Meatball Skewers: 5. Mashed Potato Ring: 6. Stuffed Pizza Cones: 7. French Fry Pizza: 8. Cheeseburger Balls: 9. Cheesy Potatoes in a Bacon Bowl: 10. Crispy Lasagna Chips & Dip:

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How to cut up a whole chicken (닭 자르는 법)

Today I’m going to show you how to cut up a whole chicken into parts that you can use in many recipes. Buying a chicken in packaged, precut pieces is convenient and easy, but buying a whole chicken and then cutting it up yourself has a lot of advantages. First, it’s cheaper! Second, you get all the parts, especially the backbone, which has a lot of meat in it, and also usually the giblets. Third, you get the oysters, which are the best part of the chicken! Full instructions: Translate the caption in this video to help others understand: My cookbook: Get my monthly letter: My Instagram: My Facebook: My Twitter:

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